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Corporate Treasury Management

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Corporate Treasury Management: A Key Factor in Financial Strength

The role of a treasury department is to manage the company’s financial resources to help meet the company’s business objectives both for today and for the future.  It’s a critical function that ensures a company’s financial health is stable.  Many businesses look for a cost-effective and simple way to fulfill the role and decide to outsource it.  Dispenza Financial, LLC, provides Corporate Treasury Management Services for those businesses.

Corporate treasury strategy includes making effective use of cash and other financial instruments by first ensuring enough funds are available for upcoming obligations, and then defining the terms for allocating some of the treasury funds to intermediate- and long-term investments in order to diversify a company’s assets.  Strong financial management can add to the overall financial health of your company.


What’s Involved in Corporate Treasury?

Corporate Treasury Management Guidelines: Organization and Clarity

We begin by creating a Corporate Treasury Management Guidelines (CTMG) document that defines the roles and responsibilities of each person involved, the details of the company, the company objectives, the treasury objectives, and the general guidelines for the use of any financial instruments. Formal organization and clarity make for a strong financial foundation for both today and the future.


Cash Forecasting: A Foundation for Everyday Operations

In creating the CTMG, the first, and most important, priority is to forecast a company’s expenses and provide liquidity to meet those needs.   Cash flow is the lifeblood of a company, and insufficient cash flow can lead to a multitude of problems, including insolvency.  The CTMG will provide a written guideline that specifies the amount of short-term cash that must be available at all times to fund operations.  This adds to the company's financial stability.

Liquidity Management: Defining Short-term Funds from Long-term Funds

Funds that are identified as short-term must be handled in such a way that they are available to meet the immediate expenses of the company.  These funds should be preserved in financial instruments that can be reasonably assured against loss of principal to ensure availability for company operations.  


Investment Management: Responsibility and Foresight

Funds in excess of the required amounts in the cash management (short-term) pool can be moved to the investment pool.  The primary objective of the investment pool is to grow the net worth of the company in a responsible way, in order to enhance the long-term health and viability of the company.


Collaboration: Reporting/Coordinating with Accounting Professionals

Treasury functions are critical to a company’s success and must be coordinated with the company’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and/or accounting firm.  We work with, and provide detailed reporting and coordination for, the accounting professionals for your company.


Working with Dispenza Financial, LLC

Our extensive experience in corporate treasury management can help your business succeed.  If you have a growing company in need of treasury services, we’re available for consultation.  The minimum investment is $500,000.